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Subject: Forgive me, Jody (PT II)Forgive me, Jody (PT II)
pueresamoyahoo.comDisclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or
places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly
more than coincidence.Copyright 2006 Barry. All Rights Reserved.
Jody began to stir, but never seemed to really awaken. When Jody recognized
we were wrapped in our own little cocoon, he did something I was certainly
NOT expecting. He slid his hand, which had been around my waist in a gentle
hug, down, then under the waistband of my sweatpants where he found my
penis and balls.I struggled not to react, as I couldn't anticipate how Sam might react if
she should figure out what was going on.Jody gently held my penis in his loose grip nudist preteens galleries
and rhythmically squeezed it
till it was erect. He ribbed his thumb across the tip of illegal cp preteen
my penis till it
began to produce pre-cum.I was about to panic, knowing I couldn't dare cum into candid preteen nudist my sweats.....what
embarrassment to be seen with such a wet mark in the crouch of my
sweats. How could I possibly explain such a thing?Just then, a football bounced off the picnic table, spilling my soft drink
all over the blanket, me, and Jody, as it continued its path to strike Jody
on the arm. Jody, then, slowly removed his hand from me, pretending to only
now to be waking up from having been struck by the ball.GotCha, Wussy! Gary yelled from a distance, where he'd just thrown the ball
from.Who, Me? I yelled back.Naw! Not you........The Wussy! Gary yelled.OK, knock it off! Joe yelled to Gary. Joe was still at his own distant
position where he and Gary had been tossing the ball.DAMMIT, GARY! Sam Yelled, you got my blanket and Barry's pants all wet.Sorry! Gary yelled, as both he and Joe began racing back to the table.Oh well, Sam declared. It's time to go home anyway. Gary, you made this
mess, you help clean up and pack everything back into the basket.Ahhhh! Gary started.Just do it!...NOW! Sam stated with authority.I'm sorry, Barry, are you OK? Sam asked.Sure, I said. Jody and I are both a little wet, but no one's hurt. No Big
Deal! I smiled.It's a miracle, I thought to russian legal preteen myself. I have an excuse for what is, in part,
a large precum spot on my pants.Jody didn't react in any way, as if nothing had happened just now. He was
busy wiping sleep from his eyes, but it was as if he hadn't nearly got me
off only a minute earlier. I was dumbfounded. I tried, therefore, not to
react either.As Gary and Sam finished packing, Sam said:Barry, I'm so glad you joined us. I'm so happy to meet you, at last.The pleasure is all mine, I assured her. I'm really glad I was here to
enjoy everyone's company.I'm sorry preteen perfect model Jody monopolized all your time...she started.Nonsense, I interrupted. He's a delight. I enjoyed him; he was no bother at
all.Jody looked at me and winked.Thanks for letting me sleep on you that way. He said.Yes. Sam interjected. It's probably the most uninterrupted sleep he's had
without his torturer, pointing to Gary, constantly slipping up on him with
mischief on his mind.I'll walk you to the car. I suggested.OK, we're in the pick up. It's not far. Joe said.Pickup? I asked. Four of you in a pickup?Sure! Jody can ride in the back. He's tough! Joe continued; He's used to
Then let me get my jacket out of my car. I can't have the kid shivering all
the way home, when I have a perfectly good jacket in the car.OK, Thanks! Joe exclaimed. I'll bring it back to you at work on Monday.That'll be fine. I responded. Want to follow me to my car and get it,
Jody? I asked.Sure! He exclaimed.As we walked the half block to my car, Jody finally said:I hope you enjoyed my little surprise.I sure did, Jody, and it really surprised me too.Jody looked at me and winked, saying:You were sweet to me; I wanted to be sweet to you.After all, he continued, I may never see you again.Somehow, my sweet boy, I suspect we'll be seeing each other again, sooner
than you think. I suggested.Really, he smiled, Great! When? He asked.Not sure, I replied, your Mom has something in mind. Just keep your ears
open. I'm sure she'll be talking with you about it.GREAT! He repeated, as he slipped on the jacket I had handed him.Hop In! I suggested. I'll take you back preteenangel to the truck.Wow, this is a really great coat! He declared. I wish I had one this warm.Don't you have a warm coat, Jody? I asked.Just a windbreaker. He answered.Well, it's a pretty good fit for you...maybe just a tad big in the
shoulders, but otherwise, it fits you OK, I think. I suggested.Yeah, and it's so warm too! He said again.You sure I can use it for the whole weekend? He asked.Tell you what, I responded, Why don't you just hold onto it till we see
each other again, whenever that might be. OK? Wear it all you want.OK! He repeated. You serious? He quickly added.I am indeed, I said, anime preteen naked as I stopped the car just behind Joe's truck.As Jody got into the back of the truck, Sam came over to shut my
passenger-side door, which Jody had left open.I told him to just hold on to that jacket till he pays me his first visit,
OK? I said to Sam.Sure, but what will you do for a coat in the meantime. She replied.No preteens models list
problem, I have others. I replied.I'll talk to Joe, and one of us will call you models nudes preteens about what we discussed
earlier. Sam said.Great! I exclaimed. I fond of the little guy, already. I smiled.Well, I can tell you, absolutely, I've never seen him take to anyone like
he did to you today. Sam insisted.You have no idea! I thought to myself.I'm looking forward to it. I assured her.We'll be in touch. Sam said, as she closed my door.I nodded back to her and waved at Joe.Joe smiled and waved back.I backed my car up to let Joe's truck back out of its parking spot.I followed them across I-635 until they peeled off at a merge.Jody was smiling at me the whole time, patting my coat and giving me the
thumbs-up sign every few minutes.As we parted at the merge, Jody gave me the familiar trucker's sign to honk
my horn.I did so.With that, Jody waved to me from shoulder to shoulder with a big smile on
his face. It was the first really enthusiastic smile I'd seen him form.He really lights up when he smiles, I thought.I tried to keep my eyes fixed on him until, finally, Joe's truck
disappeared from sight.I spent the rest of my drive home contemplating what had just happened.What an extraordinary experience, what an extraordinary boy. I thought.He played with my balls and my dick like there was no more to it than a
kiss on the cheek. I thought. It's kinda scary, but I can't wait to find
out what comes next.I arrived home, still not having found an explanation for the bizarre, but
wonderful day.I need a drink! I thought, as I parked in my designated spot in front of my
apartment.By now, I had the worst case of Blue Balls I'd had in a very long time.After a drink, I found my way to the shower and relieved myself of the
day's dust and the excess cum backed up in my balls.The next morning, Sunday, I was lounging with a hot espresso, still
searching for some rationale candid preteen nudist
for my happy experience with Jody at the
picnic the day before, when the phone rang.It was Sam.Barry, it's Sam. She opened.Good Morning Sam. I replied.Well, she said, Joe is in complete agreement regarding letting Jody spend
some time with you. When we suggested preteen big titties
the idea to Jody, he became so
excited; I thought he would pee on himself. He's really looking forward to
it. I assume you're still open to the idea...Of Course! I interrupted.Good. Sam replied. There's just one little, or maybe not so little, problem
though.Really? I asked. What is it?Well, Sam continued, Gary pitched a major fit at the idea that Jody would
be getting to do something that he wouldn't. No doubt, he'll make Jody's
life miserable, if we beautiful black preteens
do this....so.....Joe and I thought that if you agree
to it, since your influence would be equally good for chinese bikini preteen Gary, we'd let them
alternate visits with you.Alternate? I asked.
So, you want me to take Jody one weekend, then Gary the next? I inquired.If you think you can handle it. Sam replied. Only for a few weekends, till
we see how it works out, and if you think you can get through models preteen sex to them.I really didn't get the impression that Gary had taken to me at all, are
you sure he wants to spend time with me? I asked.He seems excited about it. Sam replied. Not to the extent that Jody is, but
yes, he seems to wish to get to know you better.Very Well, then. I replied. I'm game.Great! Joe will bring Jody over to your place next Saturday. If that's
OK. Sam said.OK, what petite preteen pics time? I inquired.Well, Joe has National Guard duty, so he'll bring him by on his way to the
armory....probably around 7 O'clock, if that's OK. Sam responded.7AM it is. I replied. I'm looking forward to it.Thanks, Barry. Sam said. I think you're just what the doctor ordered.Guess we'll find out soon enough. I replied. I'll bring him home Sunday in
time for preteen nature models early bedtime before school on Monday.No hurry. Sam asserted. See you later, then, and Thanks Again.Later! I replied as I hung up the phone.
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